The dream – The story – How it became a reality!

Bakgat Books is a community-driven online platform developed for the buying and selling of second-hand books by individuals.



Amidst the challenges posed by COVID-19, I utilized my time productively by engaging in research and study. This period of lockdown inspired the creation of Bakgat Books—an endeavor led by me, Ashley Frencken, and developed with the guidance of a team of experts.

My journey predates the pandemic, commencing with a traumatic accident that resulted in significant pelvic damage, requiring an extensive year-long recovery. Coupled with a background in hospitality, the onset of COVID-19 in South Africa shortly after my release from the hospital presented limited opportunities.

Undeterred, I delved into the possibilities within my reach, and that’s where the online world became a beacon of opportunity. With the onset of COVID in February 2020, circumstances compelled me to return to KwaZulu-Natal, residing with my parents as the world grappled with the pandemic, leaving me more isolated and stranded. In this transformative period, Bakgat Books emerged as a testament to resilience and determination.



Bakgat Books is an online business that is more suited to my current challenges and the world we all now live in.



As a design student, my career journey commenced post-matriculation, delving into the realms of design and architecture. The boundless creativity inherent in design has always fascinated me, prompting my subsequent exploration of hospitality management. Though my dream of operating my own establishment originated during my school years, my design background now provides a holistic perspective on operations.

My years in hospitality management have significantly shaped my professional identity. Having led and cultivated teams, I firmly believe in uplifting individuals and imparting knowledge for their growth. This ethos forms a pivotal part of the Bakgat Books story.

Bakgat Books stands on the pillars of education, fueled by my profound belief in its transformative power. Books, integral to my personal education, hold immense potential for more meaningful impact, especially in underprivileged areas. While the internet has broadened our horizons, the enduring influence of the written word remains, capable of traversing the globe through print. Join us at Bakgat Books in fostering education, empowerment, and the enduring influence of literature.


Bakgat Books is now a reality but the vision I have for its future is far greater. I don’t see it as simply an online platform, but a community.


Buy and sell your second-hand books online today!

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So what is Bakgat Books?

Welcome to Bakgat Books, your premier online second-hand bookstore! Our platform empowers individuals to list and sell their books, providing these literary treasures with an extended lifespan and the wings to embark on new journeys. Join us in creating a vibrant community that values the power of sharing and discovering captivating stories. Explore, list, and sell with Bakgat Books, where every book finds a new chapter in its journey!


Unlock the magic of book trading at Bakgat Books! Create your account and personalize your very own “Store” through our user-friendly features. Join us in promoting the listing and purchase of pre-loved books, fostering connections among book enthusiasts. Discover the joy of buying and selling second-hand books online, where every transaction contributes to a vibrant community of literary exploration. Embrace the magic of Bakgat Books and start your journey of literary exchange today!

Further information on the process of selling or buying books on the website can be found on our FAQ page. 


Our Vision is to create the biggest online library; giving books presence, longevity, and the ability to travel.


In the greater scope I am working towards using Bakgat Books for the following:

  • Promote re-use of books
  • Promote saving the environment
  • Promote education – especially in underprivileged areas

Create a complete community of “Book Lovers” by individuals getting active and selling their own books to bring the top 3 points together.